Frosty Kiss of Mother Nature


Every once in a while Mother Nature breathes quiet life into her cold and barren world of Winter.  Displayed by a coating of frost and ice on the trees early in the morning.  A clear coating that twinkles like diamonds as the sun rises and caresses the world.  Parts of winter seem so cold and lifeless.  Sometimes I just want to hibernate like the bears do.  Oh, what I would miss if I did.

The bunnies are so cute to watch hopping through the snow, watching from the warmth of my living room window.  Sometimes making their nest in my garden just below my window where I can watch their babies grow.  How they stay warm is only by the grace of God.

Watching the squirrels is a hoot. Their little tails twitch like a small radar system.  I wonder if they really can find all the nuts and seeds they bury.  They chase each other up and down the pine trees and along the power lines without a second thought. Plowing the snow right off the wires.  They will peak in the patio door or hang on the screen door quietly begging for food.  How can anyone resist.

The frosty  diamond like glitter of Mother Natures’ soft breath seems to make Winter worth it.