New Life

DSC_0001 (2)

ON April 8,2016 this little baby Clydesdale came into this world.  Thanks to Jackie for coming to see her own horses at Breezy Oak Stables, she came across Setsu trying to give birth.  Jackie sensed that the mare was in trouble, the first bag of water was being delivered but no baby presented. Jackie then went for Destiny to help and Destiny called the vet. Dr. Craig from Anoka Equine was immediately on his way to assist in the birth. When he arrived he went to work on saving this little mans life by helping him into this world. The little man was delivered just in time or he would have died.

In the photo above baby is less than 30 minutes old.  Mama was hard at work cleaning him up.

DSC_0227 (2) DSC_0263 (3)

Dr.Craig helping him stand for the first time.  Baby one hour old in photos.