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Hope was purchased from a kill buyer from a southern state and brought to Minnesota to be listed for sale. This sweet 7yr old girl was not only in heavy foal but also a body score of a 1. Hope ended up foaling on Sunday June 5th. Hope was put on the sale list on June 7th. She was purchased shortly after being listed with the help of donors as well as Barb who took on the ownership of this sweet girl. We picked her up on June 8th, hoping her and her sweet filly would make the travels. Once we got them home we got them settled in a stall with a fan ready to prepare for the heat that was coming. The vet came out on June 9th, good and bad news. Mom and baby were both sick and needed to be on antibiotics. Mom was given two shots a day for 5 days and baby gets three shots a day for a week. Hope was immediately started on a refeed program to get her health up, but safely. Sadly she wasn’t producing enough milk for June so we had to supplement. I picked up foal lac and started to encourage her to drink. First from a bucket, then a bottle. I tried dipping my finger and move her to the bucket, I tried covering moms teets and placing the bottle there. Nothing was working and I broke down in tears watching these two fighting to hang on. One day at a time they continued to fight and mom continued to give everything she had to her filly. We had the vet take blood work and a fecal on both. The results came back… though they were sick, moms blood was good. June however had good red cell numbers but her white was really low. Well over a week later mom has been starting to get a small bag, baby tries kicking (never thought I’d be happy about being kicked), both are alert and Hope has a great appetite. She drinks around 3-4 buckets of water a day and has unlimities grass hay with alfalfa hay being given in a slow moderation. She’s also getting senior glo that is being given in small amounts about 5 times a day. We started her at 1/2lb and have been increasing it each day. Everything being done has been consulted through the vet. She will be started on minerals as well as empower rice bran pellets. She does have a mineral block now for salt. She gets taken out to eat grass for about 30min. Both continue to show improvement and that’s how I like it!

Thanks for saving Me
Thanks for saving Me


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