My Lark

October 6th, 2016dsc_0490-1
My horse Lark means the world to me. She has been lame for a long time. I have been keeping her in a stall to rest her leg hoping it would heal. My mom came with me to the barn to do chores and spent some time with her. My mom said she thinks she is in pain. I said she always stands on one leg or the other like a flamingo. I told her that she has high anxiety and that is what she does because of it. Mom said we have to find out if she is in pain and going to be lame for good or just injured and needs time to heal. Permanently injured and in pain would mean paying for a pasture pet or putting her down. I understand from a financial point of view that it is a lot of money to keep what people call a hay burner. But put her down? I can’t bear the thought of doing it. She is my girl. She has a personality. I love her and she loves me.
I took the steps to find out where my baby girl stands. The Vet came out today and x-rayed her leg. Thank God nothing is broken. So step one complete. Next they ultra sounded the area and found that the tendon is injured and swollen. No evidence of any tumors,tears etc. So that is more positive news.dsc_0458-1
The Vet said she has to be on stall rest for 2-3 months for the injury to heal. Total time of rest until sound and workable should be 6 months. It’s a long time, but with rest she will be ok. Six months is not even a complete school year. I drive school bus for a living so I think I can live with that. I still get to go see and be with her. After all she is my best friend. I can tell her anything and she never breathes a word to anyone. She never laughs at me either.